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Limagrain Ingredients est une filiale du groupe LIMAGRAIN, coopérative agricole internationale, spécialiste des semences de grandes cultures, des semences potagères et des produits céréaliers.
Limagrain Ingredients développe et fabrique des ingrédients authentiques et fonctionnels pour les industriels de l'agro-alimentaire.
Limagrain Ingredients réalise plus de 150 millions € de CA dont 55% à l'international.
Limagrain Ingredients compte aujourd'hui 360 salariés, sur 7 sites en Europe et transforme chaque année 330 000 Tonnes de céréales, essentiellement en blé et maïs, à destination de plusieurs marchés : la panification, les snacks, les céréales petit déjeuner, le petfood et l'alimentation animale (jeunes animaux, chevaux…)







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24 mois

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The research teams Human Research Unit (UNH, UMR 1019, contact person: Florence Caldefie-Chezet) and Microbiology, Digestive Environment and Health (MEDIS, UMR 454, contact person: Stéphanie Blanquet-Diot) from Université Clermont Auvergne in France, together with Limagrain Ingredients Company (contact person: Pierre Berbezy), is recruiting a post-doctoral student for a two-year position in the frame of the Plan France Relance. The objective of the common project is to assess the potential of high-amylose resistant starch to stimulate human immune cells and evaluate how this effect can be modulated by gut microbiota, by using complementary in vitro tools. The project will be divided in three main WPs: 1- Improvement of technical processes and food matrices to obtain high resistant starch containing foods with low glycaemic response and low glycaemic index, 2- Fermentation and impact of high resistant starch products on human gut microbiota by using a validated in vitro model of the human colon, 3- Effect of fermented samples on oxidative and inflammatory pathways in human immune cells. The post-doctoral student will be involved in all the steps of the project in close relationship with the academic and industrial partners.


-        Perform a literature review on resistant starch, gut microbiota and immune system in humans

-        Carry out experimental assays to optimise resistant starch content in food matrix and characterise the resulting products (biochemical and sensorial analyses, in vitro digestion and determination of glycaemic response and glycaemic index)

-        Perform in vitro fermentations in the human colonic ARCOL model and associated metabolic analyses (gas and short chain fatty acid measurement)

-        Prepare fermentation samples for metabarcoding analyses of gut microbiota and further cellular assays

-        Perform in vitro cellular tests on immune cells

-        Realise descriptive and statistical analyses of results generated, including bioinformatics analyses of sequencing data

-        Participate in data management/storage and laboratory/company life

-        Contribute to data valorisation in internal and external meeting and conferences

-        Write review articles and publications




-          Biology: food science, digestive physiology (especially gut microbiota), microbiology, biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology

-          Competences in bioinformatics and biostatistics would be greatly appreciated

-          Skills in English language, knowledge of the host-country language (French) would be an added value

Operational skills

-          Advanced skills in aerobic and anaerobic microbiology, continuous fermentation systems and cell culture

-          Skills in in vitro digestion and food formulation would be an added value

Behavioral skills

-          Ability to organise work and team-building spirit

-          Thoroughness and motivation

-          Communication skills

-          Ability to carry out a multidisciplinary project


PhD diploma in biology after September 2019, microbiology and molecular or cellular biology.

Advanced skills in microbiology, cell culture and complex in vitro digestion/fermentation systems would be a benefit.



A driving licence will be necessary to join the different sites of the project (Université Clermont Auvergne, Clermont-Ferrand and Limagrain Ingredients, Riom, < 30 km). The associated costs will not be re-funded (included in the salary).

Gross salary of 2800 €/month for a total amount of 1607 hours/year.



The application form should contain a motivation letter, a detailed CV including a listing of publications, a copy of the PhD diploma and letters of recommendation by previous supervisors. 

Please send before the 1st of December 2021 to

Localisation du poste

Localisation du poste

Europe, France, Auvergne, Puy de Dôme (63)


32 Avenue Georges Gershwin, 63200 Riom, France

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Doctorat ou équivalent



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jeune diplômé


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