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Production Manager (M/F)

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Limagrain Europe is a pure seed player company with solid agricultural roots. Under its LG, international brand, the company is developing innovative solutions based on a multi-crop offer through 20 subsidiaries. LG is one of the European seed leaders in maize, wheat, barley, oilseed rape and sunflower seeds available in more than 50 countries.

Limagrain Europe is contributing to progress in Agriculture every day, by offering genetic and agronomic solutions that allow farmers to achieve better performance while meeting environmental challenges and societal expectations.

Limagrain Europe is a Business Unit of Limagrain, an agricultural cooperative owned by French farmers and an international group, the fourth largest seed company worldwide. As a creator and producer of plant varieties, Limagrain distributes field seeds, vegetable seeds and agri-food products.

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Main Goal

In a specific area and in line with the B production strategy, define the annual local production plans in order to reach quantity, quality, leadtime and cost requirements.

Job description

To propose production policies in the light of the general objectives of the company, to define the production of seed productions determined by the company in accordance with the quantity, quality, time and cost targets, and to realize them as planned.
• To advise on the location, variety and pricing of the seeds to be produced.
• Evaluate production locations and propose necessary changes to contract and production policies.
• To recommend the appropriate organizational formulation for the department to operate more effectively.
• To prepare all annual work plans for seed production.
• To do the necessary research in the field and to select the farmers from the relevant groups for seed reproduction.
• Pre-contract negotiations with sub-contractors and growers, taking into account cost, quantity, quality and distribution factors.
• Contracting farmers for the next season, guaranteeing the required size of land for company needs.
• Making arrangements for planting, tillage and harvesting and advising the production team and growers at all stages of seed production.
• To ensure the organization of beekeeping activities and contracts with beekeepers, to guarantee the amount of hive.
• Organizing field inspections with the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock in order to secure seed production and certification processes.
• To ensure that all legal documentation is completed in accordance with the standards required by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock.
• To follow the seed legislation on production permits, registration, import and certification.


Minimum 6 years of experience in Sunflower and Corn production.

Motivating, supporting and providing guidance to production staff.
Ensuring all safety and health standards are met.
Establishing a balance between increased productivity and reduced costs of manufacturing operations.
Developing workflow policies and procedures that improve efficiency without compromising safety or quality.
Fluent in english.
Strong leadership and people management skills.
Ability to provide innovative solutions to optimize production plan.
Good problem solving skills.

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Job location

Middle-East/North Africa, Turkey


Hüdavendigar Mah. Küme Evleri No :2 Limagrain Sitesi 16700 – KARACABEY-BURSA / TURKEY

Candidate criteria

Minimum level of education required

Bachelor's degree

Specific expertise


Minimum level of experience required

6 years or more


English (4 - Fluent)


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