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About Vilmorin-Mikado

Vilmorin-Mikado is a Franco-Japanese seed producer that has specialized in developing, producing, and selling vegetable seeds for professionals since 1743. As a responsible partner in the vegetable food chain, Vilmorin-Mikado is committed to helping better nourish people everywhere. Our wide range of unique, original seeds is distributed on five continents in more than 100 countries. Vilmorin-Mikado has more than 1,000 employees and recorded sales of €218 million in 2020-2021, of which 15% was entirely devoted to research. World leader in carrots and witloof chicory, Vilmorin-Mikado is also a major player in salads, tomatoes, sweet peppers, kabocha squashes, daikon radishes and bunching onions. Nearly three centuries ago, Vilmorin-Mikado's founders began our Tree Seeds work, which actively contributes to rebuilding sustainable forests.

Vilmorin-Mikado is part of Limagrain, an agricultural cooperative and an international seed group owned by French farmers, Limagrain is driven by its purpose: cooperating for the progress of agriculture everywhere, for everyone. Focused on the genetic progress of plants, Limagrain breeds, produces and distributes field seeds, vegetable seeds and agri-food products - #Limagrain  





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Main Goal

1. Objective 

Based in Culiacan, the Research Project Manager is responsible for supporting all research and administrative activities, as well as the employees at the Research Station in Culiacan, Mexico and for collaborating adequately with other stakeholders from Mexico and the rest of the world where Vilmorin-Mikado has presence.

2. Scope

In order to assure the genetic improvement of its target species, the Research Department of VILMORIN-MKS must manufacture, screen and test vegetable material at different breeding stages for different production areas. The final objective being to support the development of adapted varieties for Mexico markets. Mexico is an important target market.

3. General Mission

The incumbent has the responsibility of all administrative and research activities in Mexico. The general mission consists, includes but is not limited to:
1.     Managing the Research stations in Culiacan (research activities of Vilmorin-Mikado, Limagrain Vegetable Seeds, sister companies, or other requested projects)

2.     Managing other research activities in the country such as setting up and keeping up a network of farmers/production growers, universities, institutes etc., for the research activities of the company through these tasks. The Research Project Manager brings a logistical, team leadership and material support for the breeding teams allowing breeding and experimentation at the research station and in the production area.

Job description

Main activities

-       Directly responsible for the staff based at the research stations in Culiacan; the incumbent manages the group assuming organization, scheduling and its functionality based on the research objectives of the company. From the requests of the different customers (research as breeders, pathology laboratories, product development etc.) and in accordance to the means that are available such as the station, staff, budget; the Research Project Manager plans the yearly cropping cycle; agronomic operations (lab, crossing, seed process, etc.,) and trials.

-       Yearly activities schedules are proposed to the regional manager and after agreement/approval he sets up and initiates this cycle at the research stations in Culiacan and outside in commercial/production or experimental fields (farmers, other stations, etc)

-       External Trials: According to the requests of the breeders, according to the available budget for experimental trials, and according to possibilities (time, geographical issues, etc) the incumbent:
ð  Finds and selects the farmers who will make the trials
ð  Negotiates the conditions and prices of the trials with the farmers
ð  Set up and follow the trials with the team  
ð  Plan and organize the visits of the breeding teams

-       Internal (Station) and Off Station Trials:
ð  The incumbent assumes the notations/evaluation on the experimental materials and the environment (cultural conditions, weather, pathologic problem etc) assisting the breeder or under delegation according to the customer specifications
ð  Treats and send the results to the breeder on time (defined with the breeder)
ð  Makes the link between breeders and farmers/production growers
ð  Makes an annual balance/report about all the trials and the different activities for the breeding teams and for regional managers according to their requests

ð  Facilities, Administrative and Compliance Tasks: The Research Project Manager is in charge of setting up new equipment and facilities, to make them function within the safe and specific parameters, and to maintain them in good conditions The incumbent is responsible to propose well balanced Forecast and Budget for the station and supporting activities
ð  Responsible to propose the Capital expenses within the frame of the research activities and station development
ð  Responsible for the Operational and Capital expenses management on day-to-day bases, to assure the best use of the company resources (direct collaboration with the subsidiary in Mexico including accounting and finance departments)
ð  The incumbent is responsible for quarterly budget analysis and the end of year budget prediction (assuring that all the activities will operate within the approved budget) 


ð  Initiates and develops a scientific network Mexico with the assistance of different research teams (breeding, biotech, pathology etc). The aim is to develop collaborations with scientific and technical groups according strategy and purposes of research programs

ð  Responsible for Performance Appraisals, Development and Employee Relations of all staff members. With the support of HR and Unit Management; propose hires, discipline and termination matters.

ð  Informs the company via his manager about the progress of his activities (notably writing and sending a monthly report)

ð  Responsible for updating of the local inventory and Trial Manager database – demonstrating progressive implementation of the goals

ð  Regularly keeps regional manager informed about the evolution of activities and the difficulties faced (Monthly progressive reports) – transparency on issues/opportunities/challenges is key to success

ð  Update of key performance indicators to demonstrate program successes and improvement areas

ð  Implement good phytosanitary measures and maintain an environment of low disease pressure



Ø  Safety mission


·         Manage and ensure compliance of all applicable regulatory and compliance requirements concerning safety, legal, and environmental regulations, as well as local rules and regulations. The Research Project Manager is the relay for the site’s EHS activities and reporting.

·         Provide leadership in work safety

·         Organizes Safety Managerial Visits to a defined frequency

·         Ensures the implementation of immediate actions and plan improvements

·         In case of hazardous working situation you should provide effective intervention and foster a local effort for safety improvement and focus

·         Enforce the procedure and safety rules

·         Participates in the risk assessment and the implementation of preventive and corrective actions

·         Ensures continuous improvement by focusing on risk elimination

·         In case of faulty or not fully preventative procedure you should advise safety and quality departments for corrective action

·         Provide formalized information for new employees in terms of safety and security related to the company policy

·         Encourages good behavior and good work safety practices

Position localization

Job location

America/Carribean, Mexico



Candidate criteria

Minimum level of education required

Bachelor's degree

Specific expertise

  • Agriculture/Agronomy
  • Other
  • Management and Administration
  • Biology
  • Botany/Horticulture
  • Research & Development

Minimum level of experience required

5 years or more


 - Professional skills

B.S. or MSc in agricultural related discipline (agronomy, plant breeding, crop production, farm management, greenhouse management or related)
5+ years of R&D and/or operational experience in the agricultural or horticultural field
Understanding of plant breeding or plant physiology and genetics
Extensive working knowledge of site management to include facilities operations, as well as demonstrated competency in open field and greenhouse vegetable production 
Reliability for notations
Capacity for reporting
Proficiency with greenhouse management, open field farming activities, weed and pest control, fertility management, and water management.
Good analysis and project management skills needed.
Able to be outdoors and handle internal and external travel
Proficiency in Microsoft Office.
Fluency in English required


  • English (3 - Professional)
  • Spanish (3 - Professional)


Position start date